Changes & updates

September 2023



To collectively realise a digitally enabled and resilient social sector.


Develop an ecosystem of social sector actors creating digital networks, infrastructure and practice to drive systemic and societal change.

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August 2023

  • Update to template - Develop brief template to match and build on RFI template
  • Update to guidance - Added RFI template to page: How to write an RFI and project brief
  • New template - RFI template, to help charities send a Request for Information.
  • New guidance - How to run a selection process, including what's not recommended.
  • New guidance - How to build a shortlist, including tips on finding suitable partners.
  • Update to user accounts - All pages now accessible, but viewing templates requires account.

July 2023

  • New analytics - Testing out Fathom, a privacy-friendly Google Analytics alternative.
  • New guidance - How to evaluate partners, includes downloadable scoring template.
  • Update to user accounts - Made partner directory accessible without a user account.

June 2023

  • Updated language - "Agencies" to "Partners" to encourage more balance in relationships.
  • Introduced user accounts - To assess Dovetail usage and share product updates with users.
  • Homepage refresh - Added images of teams, for a more human, relational touch.
  • New analytics - Trying out Hotjar to capture Dovetail usage and behaviour insights.
  • First Advisory Group meeting - Discussed strategy and roadmap to end of 2023.

May 2023

  • Set up Advisory Group - The Advisory Group helps interrogate and shape Dovetail's strategy.
  • Added banner linking to survey - This charity survey is used for evaluation purposes.
  • Created this page - To keep a simple log of changes and updates related to Dovetail.