Dovetail impact


Help all non-profits find a digital partner that fits


Staff working at non-profits who are involved in the partner-selection process.


Educate and increase confidence in our audience by providing resources and guides.


Enable fit between non-profits and their digital partners, leading to greater impact.

Why people use Dovetail

Based on a recent survey and interviews conducted by inFocus

Find the right digital partner

The most common theme that emerged while looking into motivations, was that charities were looking to find the right digital partner for them.

A good mix of choices

Charities reported the most useful bit to be searching through the directory of partners. Appreciating a curated selection of potential partners, with sector knowledge.

Referring charities

One of the form respondents mentioned that they use Dovetail to refer charities to when they are prepared to take the next step with their project.

Accessing resources and guides

Respondents reported that guidance on evaluating partners was most useful. Some reported that partner-selection stories and shortlisting partners was most useful.


4,000 unique visitors
15,100 page views
Average visit lasts 1 min 32 secs
1,000 click-throughs to partner sites
79 user accounts created
26 partners joined (250+ in total)
May 2022-Jan 2023
Q3 & Q4 2023
Unique visitors
Page views
Average visit length
1m 24s
1m 32s
Partners joined
User accounts created
Click-throughs to partner sites
Note: Fathom Analytics have been live since June 2023


Love from non-profits

Dovetail looks fantastic too, we'll definitely be using that!
Headshot of Lily Walsworth

Lily Walsworth

Digital Content Editor
It is not an exaggeration to say I use the platform weekly whilst trying to find decent partners to work with Wildlife Trusts on new projects.
Headshot of Alice Kershaw

Alice Kershaw

Head of Digital Transformation
The Wildlife Trusts
The Wildlife Trusts
There are so many agencies out there so it's great to have a curated selection that you know will understand the needs of a charity digital project.
Headshot of Ruth Davies

Ruth Davies

Digital & Communications Manager
I've been using this a couple times recently and it's an excellent resource, thank you!
Headshot of Seb Baird

Seb Baird

Digital Manager
Time to Change
Time to Change
Wow Dovetail is so great, what a brill way to compare and contrast, thanks so much.
Headshot of Christina Watson

Christina Watson

Head of Business Development
UK Youth
UK Youth
Dovetail has been SUPER useful! Definitely would have found it so much harder without it.
Headshot of George Matson-Phippard

George Matson-Phippard

Digital Lead
Rape Crisis England & Wales
Rape Crisis England & Wales

Appreciation from partners

I can recommend using Dovetail to find a great agency or consultant.
Headshot of Gemma Hampson

Gemma Hampson

Managing Director
In case it's helpful, Dovetail is good for seeing people's day rates, what sort of charities they've worked with before, what sort of work they do, etc.
Headshot of Sarah Jackson

Sarah Jackson

Communications Consultant & Copywriter
Sarah Jackson
Sarah Jackson
I had cause to point someone at Dovetail yesterday and I’d not kept up with how it’d grown. Top work.
Headshot of Harry Harold

Harry Harold

Head of Neontribe
I love to refer charities to Dovetail, particularly for best practice when working with external partners.
Headshot of Charles Sladdin

Charles Sladdin

Managing Director
Purple Banana
Purple Banana
I love the platform and wish there was a way to be more proactive in promoting it, and ourselves on it.
Headshot illustration of Chris Rushbrooke

Chris Rushbrooke

Chief Bear
Northern Bear
Northern Bear
The social proof is a pivotal element in recommending the platform as it gives me the confidence to recommend it, knowing other VCSEs have benefited from the services.
Headshot of Nathan Rowland

Nathan Rowland

Digital Adoption Specialist
Sunderland Software City
Sunderland Software City