How to evaluate partners


To get to know each partner, you'll need to talk with them, review their past work, get recommendations and read through proposals. To make a decision, you’ll evaluate and discuss potential partners with your team. The scoring template will help with this process.

Scoring template

The template is a Google Sheet. Make a duplicate and adapt it your needs. The criteria will help assess fit between your organisation, your project, and each potential partner.

Open scoring templateImage of scoring template Google Sheet

How to use this template

  • Make a copy of the template - open template, then click File > Make a copy
  • Remove criteria that don’t apply to your situation and needs
  • Edit criteria and descriptions to fit your situation and needs
  • Edit scoring range if desired

When to use this template

  • Use it at the long-listing or shortlisting stage
  • Use it at the proposal or pitch evaluation stage

Involving others in scoring

  • Option 1: To score anonymously, duplicate your adapted sheet and share with colleagues
  • Option 2: To score on the same sheet, duplicate the “Score” column


This scoring template builds on learnings from past research, plus contributions from:

Headshot of Ezinda Franklin-Houtzager
Ezinda Franklin-Houtzager
Headshot of Ivan Teage
Ivan Teage


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