Purpose & background

Dovetail aims to create brilliant fit between charities and digital agencies. We believe that by providing standardised, useful information, charities will make a better decision about who to work with, leading to greater impact.

Dovetail was first developed at CAST, as part of a research project exploring charity and agency relationships. We heard that an elusive quality described as ‘fit’ is key.


Dovetail is an initiative of Catalyst and is developed and managed by SIDE Labs. The funding source is Catalyst.

Catalyst is testing a model of self-managing circles based on sociocracy. Dovetail sits in the Support & Training circle. This circle meets once a month to share, connect and collectively run Catalyst initiatives.

The aim of the Support & Training circle is to embed digital practices across the organisation, leading to improved working practices and organisational resilience. Meaning digital products and solutions help charities to reach more people, more efficiently and with a greater impact.

Noam (from SIDE Labs) is currently the Initiative Lead and representative for Dovetail. Initiative Leads accept shared responsibility for their circle’s funds and make decisions based on collective governance processes.



To collectively realise a digitally enabled and resilient social sector.


Develop an ecosystem of social sector actors creating digital networks, infrastructure and practice to drive systemic and societal change.


If you have a question, feedback, or request, please email the team or message Dovetail on Twitter.