Dovetail is work in progress

Dovetail aims to create brilliant fit between charities and digital agencies. By providing standardised, useful information, we hope to help charities create more appropriate shortlists of potential partners.

Dovetail is being built by CAST and SIDE Labs (with contributions from Dot Project) for Catalyst.

Our hypothesis

That by helping charities create a better shortlist, they will make a better decision about who to work with - and this will lead to greater impact.

Why Dovetail exists

This work builds on research we did last year, looking at how charities and agencies develop relationships and do great work together. We heard that an elusive quality described as ‘fit’ is key.

This product will keep changing as we trial different things. Please check out the updates page (Google Doc) for what we've done and what is planned.

Get in touch

Please email Noam if you have a question, want to provide feedback, or want to request a feature.