Consultants for non-profits


Experts in digital strategy, design and tech. Consultants listed have experience of helping non-profits to identify project needs and choose the right partners to work with.

Adrian is a specialist in working with charities and foundations to find, brief and manage the best creative and tech agencies and freelancers for their projects.

Bertie has over 20 years' experience in the non-profit sector, supporting with digital transformation, online engagement, fundraising, governance, mentoring and emerging technology.

Ezinda helps charities both large and small embark on successful agency partnerships ensuring that they select the right agency to help them build from where they are.

Gareth led digital transformation at a major charity for over 10 years. He can help with digital leadership, strategies, innovation, coaching, tech governance and delivery.

Laura worked in digital development on the agency side before moving into the nonprofit sector, where she developed award winning digital products, services and campaigns.

Melissa has over 15 years’ experience in the tech-for-good space, helping non-profits with digital strategy, UX, online services, project management, and digital transformation.

Sarah supports charities with every stage of their digital projects, from initial research and planning, to developing a brief, and appointing and working with an agency.

Simon works with community and co-operative non-profits, supporting them to use the right type of technology, finance and business intelligence to meet their common purpose.



To collectively realise a digitally enabled and resilient social sector.


Develop an ecosystem of social sector actors creating digital networks, infrastructure and practice to drive systemic and societal change.

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Why this page exists

From research, we know that non-profits have different levels of digital capability and understanding. Often, the person leading the partner-selection process may not have much experience with all the tasks involved.

Our hope is that the consultants listed above can provide valuable support to non-profits in finding a well-suited partner for their needs.

Please note

Dovetail can’t recommend specific consultants, nor can we endorse them. We urge non-profits to do their own checks to verify expertise and experience of potential consultant.

We hope these consultants will be unbiased when it comes to giving advice and offering recommendations. However, it’s impossible for Dovetail to guarantee this, so please be mindful.

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