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Build a shortlist of agencies to evaluate or contact.

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How to write a brief

Share your project with agencies using this simple briefing template.

How to write a brief

Example briefs

Examples of what real briefs and budgets look like.

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Get recommendations from people who have worked with different agencies.

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Example briefs


Example briefs

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Chat with people who have experience of looking for and working with agencies. Digital Candle offers free digital advice. Digital Charities is a space for charities to share knowledge.

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"I've been using this a couple times recently and it's an excellent resource, thank you!"
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Seb Baird

Digital Manager, Time to Change
"Wow Dovetail is so great, what a brill way to compare and contrast, thanks so much."
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Christina Watson

Head of Business Development, UK Youth
"Dovetail has been SUPER useful! Definitely would have found it so much harder without it."

George Matson-Phippard

Digital Lead at Rape Crisis England & Wales