How to write a brief


The brief is a pivotal document. Our brief template is designed to help you focus on crucial information, so you can start meaningful conversations with potential partners.

Brief template

This template is a Google Document. To use it, you'll need to make a duplicate of the document, then edit it to suit your needs.

Here is Word version of the template.

Open brief template

Sections in the template

  • Project overview - to share the overall aim of the project
  • Author details - for the reader to check your level of experience
  • Charity details - for the reader to understand the charity better
  • Project aims - for project objective, target users, and their need
  • Project details - for budget, budget status, and rough timeline
  • How to respond to this brief - for the reader to understand the process

Example briefs

Briefs from web design, branding, and capacity-building projects. Get an idea of real briefs and budgets.

Example briefs