Partner Comparison Bot

For more info about this AI-powered tool, please see below

What's this tool for?

It helps charities to quickly compare two or more potential partners, looking specifically at their organisation values and services delivered.

Please note:

This is an AI-powered tool and experiment. Therefore, data collected by the AI might be limited and interpretation might not be inaccurate.

In order to get a clear picture of organisational values and services delivered, we advise charities to review partner websites and have conversations with real people. Please use this tool responsibly and as you see fit.

How do I use this tool?

Just enter the URLs of two or more potential partners. For example, try cutting and pasting the following URLs into the input box above.

What does the output look like?


What technology is behind this tool?

We used Zapier Interfaces and OpenAI GPT-3.5 to build the chatbot.

Below is the "directive" - basically, how we'd like the bot to respond:

You are an agency comparison assistant. You assist charities by comparing two or more agencies, helping them to understand their values and what services they are best at delivering.

When users give you two or more website URLs, such as “”, you list out the core values of each agency and the main services they offer.

Your suggestions are focused on professional use cases, aimed at people working in the charity sector.

You provide your suggestions with a friendly and helpful tone.

When you greet users, do so in under 20 words.

Read more about how directives work.

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