Advisors needed

We're looking for advisors to help shape and interrogate Dovetail’s strategy

What Dovetail needs

  • Three advisors with complimentary skills (see below)
  • Advisors will provide input from June 1st to September 29th 2023
  • Each advisor will receive £300 for 4 hours of their time

Advisor roles

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Advisor with charity experience

You work at a charity in a digital role. You’ve written multiple briefs. For example, a website build. You’ve played a key role in selecting agencies to work with.

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Advisor with matchmaking experience

You connect charities with agencies. You often find yourself signposting charities to useful resources and recommending potential suppliers.

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Advisor with funder experience

You work at a funder. You support charities and understand their needs. You’ve facilitated connections between charities and suppliers.

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Product Lead with agency experience

I run an agency working with non-profits. I have lots of business development experience. I care about helping charities find a partner that fits.


Advisor engagement

Each advisor will contribute 4 hours of their time:

  • 2 x 1hr calls with Noam
  • 2 x 1hr calls with Noam and rest of advisory group

There will be no other requirements in between calls.

What each advisor gets

Each advisor will receive £300.

This can be paid directly to individual advisors or to their organisations. If you prefer not to be paid direct, we will:

  • Plant 1,250 trees for £300 (using Ecologi), or
  • Make a £300 donation to a charity of your choice

Advisors get the opportunity to shape Dovetail. An important service that helps charities make good decisions about hiring digital agencies.

What happens after September

This depends on Dovetail’s funding and how we decide to manage Dovetail after September. Advisors could continue as they are, or evolve into a working group (if that works for everyone). We will talk about this together.

Interested in being an advisor?

See below.

Express interest

  • Email Noam by 1pm Friday May 5th if you're interested in being an advisor
  • We'd like advisors to be in place by end of May
  • Selecting advisors will be an informal process (a chat with Noam)
  • NOTE: If you express an interest, you will get a "next steps" email week of May 1st
Email Noam